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Manufacturer: Brady

Status: Confirmed LOCKED

The Brady GlobalMark has been around for years, and is one of the early front-runners in vinyl safety label printing. From the start, the GlobalMark was locked-in to only work with supplies from Brady Corp. The same is true of the GlobalMark today: it is a locked printer.

Locking Mechanism: HARD-WIRED CHIP

Hidden in supply cartridge

The locking mechanism for the Brady GlobalMark is on the supply cartridge. This locking mechanism also serves to identify the supply type to the machine, something that could have been done at the user level. The locking mechanism is a hard-wired chip that connects directly to the printer.

What does supply locking mean?

With a locked-out Brady GlobalMark, you are seriously limited. Before buying a Brady GlobalMark, or any Brady printer, consider the following:

  • You will only be able to purchase supplies from Brady or a Brady distributor.
  • Pricing is controlled by Brady throughout the industry.
  • Competitive bids on Brady label printers generally have a very small range of savings.
  • Brady labeling supplies generally cost 2-5 times more than supplies for an unlocked printer.
  • If you need custom supplies that Brady doesn't offer, you'll have no options.

Supply locking matters. For more information, or help in selecting an open, unlocked label printer, please feel free to contact us.

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Avoid locked printers

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