Trademark Policy

At, we take trademark rights and fair use very seriously. We have a strict compliance policy, and will use a trademark name only in a manner allowed by law and common practice. Our use of the DuraLabel™ and Brady™ trademark names is in accordance with our understanding of trademark law, specifically under priviledged nominative use case law.

Core Trademark Policy Grounds

Priviledged Nominative Use

  1. DuraLabel and Brady products are "not readily identifiable without using the mark[s]"
  2. We used only "so much of the [DuraLabel and Brady marks] as reasonably necessary to identify [them]"
  3. There was no suggestion of endorsement or sponsorship by [DuraLabel or Brady]

Zero Confusion Policy

Not sponsored or endorsed by Graphic Products or Brady Corporation

As a part of our zero confusion policy, we state clearly on each page that we are not sponsored or endorsed by Graphic Products or Brady Corporation. We clearly state our intended purpose in the use of all trademarks, and offer to work with all trademark owners over infringment claims.

Trademark owners who have legitinate questions, concerns or requests concerning the proper use of their trademark by a third party claiming priviledged nominative use should contact us online. We will be happy to comply to any and all reasonable, customary and legal requests for modification.

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Trademark Policy

This site uses trademarks to reference DuraLabel and Brady products. The DuraLabel trademark is used herein to provide information concerning thermal transfer printers and supplies from Graphic Products. All Brady trademarks are used to describe thermal printing equipment and supplies from Brady Corporation.

This site is not endorsed by Graphic Products or Brady Corporation, but ever effort is made to use all DuraLabel and Brady trademarks in a proper and legal manner. If you are a trademark owner and have valid questions, concerns, or directions on trademark use, please contact us.

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