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Manufacturer: Graphic Products

Status: Confirmed LOCKED

An oddity in the market, the Duralabel 7000 prints a big larger than a standard label printer, but not as large as a sign printer. Most customers would lean toward a combo purchase of a 4" printer and an 8" printer and skip this 6" printer altogether. The DuraLabel 7000 is a re-branded label printer with supply locking added.

Locking Mechanism: RFID

Confirmed through FCC

The FCC website reveals that the Duralabel 7000 is in fact a locked printer, using an RFID module similar to those found in the Duralabel 4000, 9000 and Duralabel Pro series. This module does not give the printer RFID capabilities, but rather it searches for a hidden RFID tag inside your supply roll, then refuses to print if it is missing. This effectively prevents you from shopping around for supplies.

Duralabel 7000 internal view Duralabel 7000 RFID locking module Duralabel 7000 external FCC view

Reference Documents

You may download the FCC documents for reference from these links:

What does Duralabel 7000 locking mean for my company?

Because the Duralabel 7000 is locked out from using 3rd-party supplies, owners of the Duralabel 7000 will:

  • Never be able to purchase supplies other than what Duralabel offers
  • Never be able to shop around for the best price on identical vinyl labeling supplies
  • Never be able to get a competitive bid or quote
  • Never be able to use specialty supplies for your specific application
  • Always be locked in to one company

To top it off, Graphic Products doesn't make the DuraLabel 7000

DL7000 is a Godex Printer

The DuraLabel 7000 is really just a re-branded Godex printer, with supply locking added. That means you can purchase not only a similar model, but the exact same printer, elsewhere without the locking. When you shop around, make sure you purchase from a company that offers exceptional free tech support, and the proper software and supplies for your application (you'd be surprised how big a difference this makes!)

Supply locking matters. For more information, or help in selecting an Open, unlocked label printer, please feel free to contact us.

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Avoid locked printers

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