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Manufacturer: Graphic Products

Status: Confirmed LOCKED, unlocking not available

If you already have a Duralabel Toro, you are stuck ordering supplies from the OEM he Duralabel TORO by Graphic Products is a stand-alone, all-in-one label printer, along the lines of the Brady BBP31 that came before it. The TORO is a thermal transfer printer, capable of printing vinyl labels up to 4" wide. The primary software used for printing is OpenOffice.

Locking Mechanism: RFID

Confirmed through FCC

The Duralabel TORO is listed with the FCC, and contains a publicly acknowledged RFID supply locking mechanism. The mechanism is based on a Sunion RFID module which is made in Taiwan. This module reads a tag that is hidden in a wing on the side of the supply, and only allows the Toro to print with supplies that include a valid tag. Several pictures of the Toro supply locking mechanism, from the public domain and posted on the FCC website, are included below:

Duralabel toro FCC picture of locking RFID module Duralabel toro FCC picture of locking RFID installation Duralabel toro FCC picture of locking RFID antenna

Reference Documents

You may download the FCC documents for reference from these links:

Why is this information important?

A locked printer means that if you don't have the right supplies, you won't be able to print. If you are researching the DuraLabel TORO, stop and consider what it means to have a printer that is locked-in to proprietary supplies:

  • You have a harder time shopping around for DuraLabel TORO supplies: the lock-out prevents you from using most supplies.
  • Fewer competitive bids on DuraLabel TORO: the manufacturer doesn't have to win your business, they only have a few competitors.
  • If the DuraLabel TORO manufacturer doesn't carry what you want or need, you may have a hard time getting it elsewhere.
  • If you're not happy with the quality of service, you have only a few options for alternative suppliers.
  • You have no few options if the DuraLabel TORO supplier decides to increase prices, or discontinue a product.

Supply locking matters. For more information, or help in selecting an Open, unlocked label printer, please feel free to contact us.

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Avoid locked printers

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