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At Lockedprinters.com, our goal is to inform you concerning the practices of supply locking that are prevalent in the labeling industry. Armed with this information, we hope that you will be able to make better purchasing decisions, and save more on your labeling projects.

The biggest player in the industry today, Brady, has been selling printers that are "supply locked" for decades; since the thermal transfer industry was brand new. Today, with technology where it is, there is absolutely no need for supply locking. The continuation of the practice can only be viewed as an attempt to stifle competition

Graphic Products has only been selling it's own line of printers for about a 10 years. These printers are largely re-branded printers which are sold by many other companies as well. At design, these printers were all devoid of supply locking: Graphic Products added, at their own expense, supply locking that would prevent their customers from shopping around for supplies. The printers function all over the industry without it, and there is no justifiable reason for the inclusion of the locking.

This site does not specifically intend to endorse one choice for an unlocked printer, though this site is maintained by a supplier of unlocked printers. Our main goal for this particular site is to simply spell out the issues of supply locking.

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Avoid locked printers

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